Pre-Departure: The Day Before.

So, here we are. The eve before the day that will ultimately change my life has finally come. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting at a not-so-comfy desk  in a warm, bright-lit room of Murkland Hall last year. I was attending a Cambridge Summer Program meeting, as I was very interested in the program. I remember being the last person to walk into the classroom (as always; and if you know me well, you would that I am quite punctual. And if you know me even better, you know that this whole sentence is the most sarcastic sentence ever written). I marveled at the professors who were telling their stories about Cambridge and about Gonville and Caius (prounced “keys”) College.

I guess I really had no idea about any other part of the world, especially England. In Cambridge, it is a vast wonderland of Harry Potter-esque buildings, with narrow cobblestone streets and tarnished brick buildings. Fellow folk venture on bicycles throughout the city or take a small boat around the city’s canals. It’s a beautiful place. In my mind, anyway, and from the informational meeting.

I first got inspired to study abroad in England after having watched the Royal Wedding. I had a “mini” party in my dorm room, and could not sleep very well. After awakening to the sound of small chickadees and the bleeding dawn dripping from my curtains, I opened my tired eyes and decided to pass the time by watching television, while my friends dreamed on the cold, hard floor. I wanted to watch the news for some reason, so I flipped the channel to NBC, unbeknownst to the magical festivities that were presently occurring five hours ahead of me. London was beautiful. It was so clean, pristine, shiny, and green. It seemed to sparkle, like the glitz of a diamond as it scatters light into one’s eyes. I felt envious and curious. I wanted to have a love affair with the city of London, as I have had one with New York (My irresistible desire for Manhattan is unlike any other in this world).

To me, cities are not just, well, cities. They are real and physical. They emanate a sort of essence that only human civilization could offer. Buildings that go as far as the eye can behold, bridges that go as far as they can possibly span, roads that can take you to whatever destination you can imagine; Civilization absolutely fascinates me. When I go to New York, I can feel the radiance that the city itself has to offer me, and I want to explore that in other cities around the world.

I simply cannot wait for this experience, though I am dreading to land in the gargantuan maze of Heathrow Airport as a foreigner. However, I know that I will be alright. I was born to do this; I know that it is my destiny to explore all the possibilities that the world has to offer. I love it, and I appreciate it tremendously. And though I am finally doing so in the prime of my youthful adult-hood, I find myself completely ready

So, in conclusion, this blog marks the final countdown to the beginning chapter of my worldwide travel adventures. Each day, I will write a 500 word (give or take) blurb / blog that incorporates photos and videos. In this way, I will be able to instantaneously (and without writing a novel)  convey all my surroundings and experiences to you.

Bon voyage all. I’ll be seeing you in mid-August! 🙂


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  1. Glad you are there safe buddy. Have fun. Can’t wait to see your blog updates. Love ya….. Auntie xo

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